About us


UIAGALELEI LEALOFI, ED.D - Chief Election Officer 

The Election Office is a nonpartisan agency responsible for ensuring uniformity, transparency, fairness, accuracy, and security in all elections in the territory of American Samoa. The agency promotes the proper administration of election laws, campaign finance disclosure compliance, and voter registration processes in American Samoa by promulgating rules, regulations, issuing instructions, and providing information to electoral boards and general registrars. In addition, the Election Office maintains a centralized database of territorial-wide voter registration and election related data.

Our goals will be to maintain an up to date database for all registered voters; continued voter registration up to 30 days prior election day; purging voter files as required by election laws; train and retrain poll-workers and election officials; and conduct election programs on TV and Radio for the benefit of electors and those who are seeking offices. The timeline for all these goals is now and up to election time.