Talofa and welcome to the official website of the Election Office for the Territory of American Samoa!

This website is part of the Election Office’s efforts to make the election process even more accessible by the public. Qualifications of candidates, nomination process, filing of candidacy, campaign contributions and spending requirements, qualifications of electors, registration requirements, and voting by absentee ballots are some of the major topics addressed on this site. Various forms for candidates and electors are also available on this site.

Although there is an immense amount of information on elections and the election process in American Samoa, this website attempts to cover only those areas in which questions are frequently asked. The information on this site is derived from the Revised Constitution of American Samoa, Title 6 of American Samoa Code Annotated, and Title 3 of the American Samoa Administrative Code. Those documents are binding in the event that there is a difference between the information contained therein and on this site.

Listed below are the different types of information available to you.

Registration Information

Candidates Information

Armed Forces Personnel (UOCAVA)

Voter with Disabilities

Absentee Voting


Election Results

Code Annotated - Title 06 Elections